Comments on the 2024 Standing Committee Report 

For those of working in sport investigations, the long-awaited Report of the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage came out last week and this is a must read for anyone working in our field. The 21 recommendations, if followed, will fundamentally change how investigations operate. The Committee started in 2022 as a reaction to the […]

Current Issues in Canadian Safe Sport Investigations

Introduction It feels as though over the past few years almost every sport in Canada has had allegations of misconduct or human rights violations levelled against it. Whereas previously, certain sports were known to have particular problems, now it seems as though each week a different sport has been revealed as being problematic. Prospective sport […]

From the Boardroom to the Locker Room: Why Workplace Investigators Should Get to the Start Line of Sport Investigations

As Published in the AWI Journal/ Vol. 14 No. 2/ June 2023 Transitioning from conducting workplace investigations to sport investigations will test your stamina and at times leave you breathless.  “Sport investigations” covers a wide field and there is investigation work in amateur or local sport, high performance (all the way up to Olympic […]